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Bracelet Sizing

Bracelets are sized by their diameter, rather than by their circumference like rings. We offer 3 sizes of Bracelet: small, medium and large. In order to establish which is the correct size for you, we suggest measuring your hand, which, if done carefully, will give you an accurate result:

— Place your fist on a flat surface.
— With a soft measuring tape, measure the width from the middle of the first knuckle to the middle of the fourth knuckle (you may need someone to help you with this).
— Compare your measurement to those in the table below in order to establish your size.

Small - 62 (mm)
Medium - 67 (mm)
Large - 72 (mm)

Tips for Measuring your Bracelet Size
— Your hands could be different sizes, so make sure to measure the hand on which you intend to wear the Bracelet.
— Make sure to pull the measuring tape tight over your knuckles. Otherwise your measurement may not be accurate.